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The boats linked to the eruption night

I'm tinkering with the display form of the boats, this site is under construction

The boats that are here are the boats that

I connect directly to the eruption night
It has been told that 30 boats left Grindavík that night and one of them was hit by a heavy sea  and damaged,
I have not heard more of that
the boats from Grindavík soon returned as flights had started to the islands and there was no need for them, although there is one boat in here but it is "Grindvíkingur" who pulled "Hrönn" the last miles to harbore
the were 23 person that escapet the reuption with Hrönn including cruew members   

It has been difficult to get pictures of all the boats, there are still some that are missing pictures and others that need better pictures or pictures with permission from the photographer / owner
I decided to enter information with the boats that appear when you go over the image with the mouse and then under the image if you click on it
number of passengers in a boat I do not put in immediately as I am still getting registrations.

I have received the information about the boats from the Ship Register, the book Íslensk skip and online. The main sites on the internet that I have found information on are Tryggvi Sigurðsson's page Bátar og skip, Hafþór Hreiðarsson's ship pictures and finally Emil's page
I have not been able to find out where all the boats are or when they left the ship register
Only four boats still seem to be in this country, two of them were in the fishing industry in 2017, From now Drífa and Friðrik Sigurðsson,

and the other two were a museum or in the museum Fífill some kind of whale museum and Gullborg on dry land outside the Maritime Museum


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